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The spit roasted lamb that is prepared in many parts of the Aysen region in Chilean Patagonia, the preparation of dried mussels along the coast and the work with the clay from the earth of the region are some of the activities that depict the different lifestyles of Aysen.

Aysénprofundo is a journey that takes us into the Patagonian reality, introducing us to people who still struggle to live as the land has taught them. With aysénprofundo we will enter the most hidden corners of a region that refuses to be dominated and which in turn has molded the identity of its inhabitants. A tribute to those who make us proud because they are the reason why “the Patagonian” is synonymous with struggle, affection and humility.

Aysénprofundo is a multimedia document containing video, text, audio and image that bring us into the workshops and homes of the region, revealing secrets of crafts and traditions to younger generations and to those who wish to discover how people live in the southern lands of Chile.

We invite you on a journey through our land

We invite you to aysénprofundo

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“aysénprofundo” 2010 and “aysénprofundo 2.0”, 2012

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  • Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cultural y las Artes 2010 and 2012

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Content Contributions by

  • Nelson Huenchuñir y Patricio Segura
  • Leonel Galindo
  • Carlos Bello Durán “El Malebo”
  • Entrama
  • Nicasio Luna
  • Alonso Nuñez
  • Viviana Ponce & Ignacio Pastrian

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  • Jaime Frez
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  • Miguel Razzouk
  • León Ocqueteaux Díaz
  • Ruth Cohen Vera
  • Matthias Klaus- von Düszeln
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  • Carlos Vergara
  • Nury Hernández
  • Andy Loro García
  • Amanda Ocqueteau von Düszeln
  • Y “Chocolate”

“aysénprofundo” 2010 and “aysénprofundo 2.0”, 2012
Thanks by chapter (from north to south)

Repollal Alto –  “Dried Mussels”

  • Don Juan Vera, Don Checho Vera, Miguel & family
  • Don Porfirio Cárdenas & family
  • Ricardo Henríquez & family
  • Luís Miranda Chiguay
  • Rosario “Chayo” Saldivia
  • Raúl Mansilla
  • Alonso Ponce
  • Sergio Arriagada
  • Gaby Chiguay
  • Viviana Ponce & Ignacio Pastrian

 Rio Cisnes Ranch – “Shearing”

  • Juan Cárcamo
  • Victor Andrade
  • Rigo Andrade
  • Oligario Soto
  • Eliana Valenzuela
  • Blanca Foitzick
  • Miguel Ángel Vargas Céspedes
  • Luis Márquez
  • Marina Peralta
  • Carolina Flores
  • Stephanie Bouckaert
  • José  Salgado
  • Iván Canales

“Casa de Pesca” Sector - “Cheese”

  • Doña Emma Hernández
  • Don Celestino Ancamil
  • Elsa Ancamil & Rubén Mansilla with Brenda, Nacho & Gaby
  • Rogelio Montero & Patricia Parra Cabrera
  • Hostel La Perla

Road to Alto Baguales - “Roast on a spit”

  • Rubén Redlich
  • Pola Cohen
  • Alonso Núñez
  • Fam. Redlich Cohen
  • Fam. Cohen Orellana
  • Fam. Alarcon Redlich
  • Mr. Miyagi
  • Vito Solis / Carnes Solis

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Coyhaique – “Mate Tea Ceremony”

  • Oscar Ziehlmann
  • Jenny Millalonco
  • Clorindo Bilbao
  • Hugo Aguilante
  • David “Toño” Gómez

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Rio Paloma – “Castration and Tail docking”

  • Don Germán Gastaminza
  • Señora María Cid
  • Rodrigo Gastaminza
  • Francisco Gastaminza & Valeria Rozaswith Bárbara e Isabella

Puerto Ibáñez – “Clay Pottery”

  • Marfa Aguila Levicán
  • Joel Santiago Vargas
  • Ida Díaz

“aysénprofundo” 2010 and “aysénprofundo 2.0”, 2012
Thanks by chapter (from north to south)

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Pass between Cerro  Castillo  and Murta - “Shingles”

  • Don Crispín Castillo & family
  • Carlos Castillo
  • Marcial Castillo
  • Cynthia San Martin

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Border between Chile and Argentina - “A Game of Truco”

  • Claudio “Petaca” Vásquez
  • Luis Vásquez
  • Negro Falucho
  • Guillermo Marín “El Payador de los Montes”
  • Familia Saldía Triviño
  • Familia Wellmann

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Puerto Vagabundo - “Wool and Weaving”

  • Señora Elisa Ramírez
  • Don Checho
  • Leonel Curinao
  • Danitza and Mentira
  • Senén Cruces and family
  • Daniel Torres and Emilia Astorga
  • Lodging “Brisas del Sur”

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History of the Dried Mussels

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The drying of mussels is one of the most traditional tasks within the coastal communities of the Aysen region, especially in the archipelagos of

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